Product overview

2-blade folding propeller

Folding propellers of very high quality - thoroughly tested by thousands of sailors all over the world - for cruising as well as racing.*

Available in sizes from 11" to 18" diameter for shaft as well as sail-drive installation.

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3-blade folding propeller

The 3-blade Gori folding propeller marks a technological and functional leap forward in the development of propellers for sailboats. The 3-blade propeller's "overdrive" function adds a new dimension to sailing under power.

Available in diameters from 15" and up to 30".

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Racing series folding propeller

Racing folding propellers of very high quality - especially designed for top racers who require absolute minimum drag when sailing.

Available in sizes from 375 to 750 mm diameter for shaft, sail-drive and Hydro-drive installation.

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4-blade folding propeller

The 4-blade Gori folding propeller has the same advantages, as the 3-blade Gori folding propeller with Overdrive. The 4-blade propeller has been developed for big sailing boats with engine over 150 hp.

Available in 23", 25", 27", 30" and 32" diameter for shaft installation.

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