2-blade Gori folding propeller

The 2-blade Gori folding propeller is for sailing yachts fitted with engines up to approximately 60 HP (44 KW). It is available in 7 diameters from 11.5" to 18" for shaft installation and Sail-drive. RH and LH rotation.

Geared blades

The geared blade design ensures blades open and close together giving less vibration ahead and astern. Under sail blades close simultaneously removing the need for elastic bands.

Why not an extra knot?

Under sail, a fixed propeller slows a yacht much more than most people would imagine. Tests have shown in certain instances that the 2-blade Gori folding propeller reduces the yacht's total drag by 35%. This resulted in one full knot of improvement in speed under sail. A folding propeller as opposed to a feathering propeller does not snag seaweed, lobster lines or plastic bags when sailing.

Full power ahead

Tests have shown that the efficiency of the 2-blade Gori propeller in forward is better than most 2- and 3- blade feathering and folding propellers.


Tests have shown that the efficiency of the 2-blade Gori propeller in reverse is equal to or better than most 2- or 3-bladed fixed, feathering and folding propellers. The Gori propeller gives you the optimum thrust in reverse by virtue of its propeller blade shape and profile, and does not rely solely on the centrifugal force to open the blades as do many other folding propeller types.


The hub of the Sail-drive propeller is manufactured with a flexible bushing that absorbs shock and electrically insulates the propeller from the Sail-drive leg, as required by the engine manufacturers. The propeller fits most Sail-drives, for example: Bukh, Sonic, Volvo Penta incl. 50S-drive and 100S-drive, Yanmar and others.

Gori propeller reserves the right to alter, modify or replace any specification or design feature without prior notice.


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