The racing series folding propeller

Gori propeller is developed from our experience in supplying the world's leading yachtsmen, many of whom achieved firsts in Admiral's Cups, Whitbread Round The World Races and other major events.

The design and shape of the propeller give absolutely minimum drag when folded, and a fine effect under engine power. The well-known system of geared blades is used on the racing series, but the shape of this fully-closing folding propeller secures low drag and the blades stay closed when sailing. Yet still open under engine power.

The racing series of folding propellers is offered to racing yachtsmen all-over the world in 7 sizes ranging from 30 footers to Maxi Raters, and for shaft installation as well as for Sail-drive and Hydrodrive.

Model Diameter Typical Boat Size
375 Racing 375 mm 30 footer
380 Racing 380 mm Mumm 36 approved
425 Racing 425 mm 40 footer
375 Racing 375 mm 30 footer
475 Racing 475 mm 46 footer
530 Racing 530 mm Whitbread 60
680 Racing 680 mm IMS Maxies
Maxi Racing 750 mm IMS Maxies

Actual propeller size depends on boat and engine installation.

Custom-made propellers available.

Gori propeller reserves the right to alter, modify or replace any specification or design feature without prior notice.


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Gori Propeller develops and produces its products at its own factory in Denmark. We use the latest advanced technology within design and production, operated by well-trained personnel to ensure high, consistent product quality.

Gori Propeller was acquired by BSI A/S in 2015, a world-leader within the development and production of rigging and hatches for the maritime industry, and well-known within the industry for being a leader within rigging for the superyachts of the world.