GORI Propellers FAQ

Can I exchange blades in my GORI Propeller?

Yes, but it depends on its age and general wear. It is also important that the propeller is fully balanced, for that reason we recommend you ship it to GORI Propeller A/S for exchange.

How do I remove my 2 blade GORI Propeller from the shaft?

Unscrew the Allen Screw in the hub, aware that there are two in each hole one on top of the other. Once removed, the blade pins should easily push out. Unscrew the nut, warm up the hub with a hairdryer (the bronze will expand), hereafter use a puller with two legs to remove the propeller.

How do I remove my 2 blade GORI Propeller on a saildrive?

Follow the same procedure as with shaft propeller, but without use of hairdryer or the puller. Once blades are off, and nut unscrewed the hub is easily removed.

How do I exchange the flexible stops on a 3 blade GORI Propeller?

Firstly, please note the blades remain in place throughout. Use a screwdriver to remove the old stops, twist the new ones in place, which can be a little tricky, tap in place. DO NOT remove the blades!

How do I remove my 3 blade GORI Propeller from a shaft?

Unscrew the three set screws from the retainer jacket. Open the propeller and put a piece of wood between blade tip and hull. Insert a C-Spanner in the retainer jacket and turn clockwise, as look from astern. DO NOT remove the blades. If it’s too tight, warm up the retainer jacket with a hairdryer. If the hub part needs to be removed, use the puller which came with the propeller.

How do I remove my 3 blade GORI Propeller from a saildrive?

Unscrew the three set screws from the retainer jacket. Open the propeller and put a piece of wood between blade tip and hull. Insert a C-Spanner in the retainer jacket and turn clockwise as you look from astern. If the inner hub needs to be removed, pull the flexible bushing off, put the lever in reverse, and unscrew the nut, and remove the hub.

How do I clean my GORI Propeller?

Remove barnacles and place the propeller in a bucket containing vinaigrette acid, the same as you use for cleaning, let the propeller rest overnight, and it is clean!

How do I treat my GORI Propeller to prevent marine growth?

There are many options here depending on who you speak to. The only product we have seen to be effective is Propspeed, it is essential that your follow the application instructions by the letter, with a note of the temperature and hardening time. Propspeed leaves a silicone like surface, and possible growth is easily rinsed off.

Should I do anything to my GORI Propeller when the boat comes out of the water?

If the propeller is to stay on, it should be cleaned. When bronze come out of the water into the atmosphere its oxides, and blades may get stuck. To prevent this, apply grease to the gears and gear wheel (on the 3 blade).

Can GORI Propeller service my propellers?

Yes, your propeller can be shipped directly to us in Denmark, or your local distributor. At If you ship to us, we will assess the propeller and give you an estimate prior to doing any work. We recommend you do this immediately after the boat is hauled in the fall, and not in the spring!


When re-installing, make sure the nut is tightened with the right torque, the instructions can be downloaded from www.gori-propeller.com, for each model. Secure ALL set screws with Loctite.

Please note illustrated instructions can be downloaded from: www.gori-propeller.com

How do I operate my 3 blade Gori Propeller?

The GORI 3 blade propeller has two pitches; Normal and Overdrive. Normal mode is for use when motoring in rough waters or when you need the full horsepower and full rpm. Overdrive for use when motoring in calm waters, or when motor sailing with a lower rpm. It’s important that you DO NOT go full throttle in Overdrive.

How do I start up in Normal mode?

To start up in Normal mode, the boat either must be at a standstill with the propeller folded, this is referred to as your first manoeuvre, or be moving forward thru the water.

How do I place my GORI Propeller in Overdrive mode?

Once you are performing your first manoeuvre, go into reverse, an example of this will be reversing out of your berth when your bow is towards the dock. The propeller will automatically go into Overdrive mode when switching to forward gear. When manoeuvring, and switching between forward and reverse, the propeller will always be in Overdrive when in forward.

How do I switch from Overdrive to Normal?

When in Overdrive and moving forward thru the water, go into neutral, due to the boat moving forward thru the water, the propeller will fold. Now, go into forward and the propeller will open in Normal mode. To make sure this happens you can go into reverse, just for a split second, before switching back to forward while the boat is moving forward thru the water. When stopping the shaft from rotating, the propeller will fold immediately, and open in Normal when switching back to forward.

How to switch from Normal to Overdrive?

To change from Normal to Overdrive, the boat must be moving backwards thru the water before switching to forward. Come to a physical stop and move backwards before change to forward gear. When going astern under power, and then going into neutral, the propeller will not fold. When you now going back into forward, the propeller is now in Overdrive mode.