3-Blade Folding Overdrive Propeller

Art. 3-blade-single-pitch-propeller

3-Blade Folding Overdrive Propeller (SP)

Low drag, high power for a wide range of sailboats The 3-bladed Gori Single Pitch Propeller is a further development of the award winning 3-blade Gori Overdrive Propeller (OD). It has all the major features of the original propeller, apart from the Overdrive. It has the same low drag (1.4 Newton at 6 knots), and it operates the same pitch in forward and in reverse, giving the same thrust in both directions.

More power for more sailboats

The propeller blades have the same pitch on both sides of the blades, so it does not matter whether the straight edge or the curved edge is the leading (Curved edge normally is the leading edge). The single pitch propeller is available from 15” thru 20” in LH version, for both shaft and saildrive, and from 22” thru 30” for RH shaft applications. The 3 blade Gori Propeller (SP) or (OD), is the most efficient sailboat propeller under sail as well as power.